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MoM AI Wyvern.png
Aircraft, Missile charge

WYV-3RN (WYVERN) is a drone robot in Memories of Mars.

They are flying aircrafts patrolling in Memoriae Labyrinhus (aka the PvP zone aka the snow area).

The drone will detect you if they fly closeby. Their special ability is to charge with missiles doing a lot of damage.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Once the drone is destroyed, its corpse looks like a vertical reactor stuck in the ground (see image below), use your Cutting Torch to scavenge it.

Loot table WYV-3RN corpse
680-1100 T ICO item flops.png FLOPs

200-330 T ICO Resource deuterium.png Deuterium

Drone corpse

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Aim the reactors (left and right) of the drone for critical damage.
  • When the drone starts a missile charge, it steps back before charging. Use these few seconds to hide or to run out of the charge line.
  • When you kill the drone, the loot will fall vertically from the death location in air. So be careful not killing the drone above a place where you will not be able to loot it.