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Complete Survivalist tree

The Survivalist tree is a collection of bonuses in Memories of Mars.

How to earn Survivalist points[edit | edit source]

For each points spent in the Skilltree, you will earn 10% of the amount for your Survivalist tree.

So you must spend 346 650 FLOPs in your Skilltree to complete the Survivalist tree (34 665 points).

Survivalist skills[edit | edit source]

When you have unlocked enough bonuses you can learn 5 special skills for free :

Icon Name Description Minimum bonus to unlock
Memory Capsule Memory Capsule Rocket. 7 bonuses
Vanguard's Shock Gauntlet Vanguard's Shock Gauntlet Exosuit component. 10 bonuses
Vanguard's Rocket Boot Vanguard's Rocket Boot Exosuit component. 10 bonuses
Vanguard's Jetpack Vanguard's Jetpack Exosuit component. 16 bonuses
Vanguard's Locomotor System Vanguard's Locomotor System Exosuit component. 16 bonuses

Survivalist bonuses[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Nb of bonuses Amount /bonus Total
Bleeding Damage Bleeding Damage Decreases the amount of blood loss received. 5 -10% -50%
Equip Speed Equip Speed Decreases the time of equipping items. 5 -5% -25%
FLOPs Gain FLOPs Gain Increases the amount of FLOPs received. 5 +5% +25%
Health Regeneration Health Regeneration Increases the amount of health regenerated over time. 5 +5% +25%
Inventory Capacity Inventory Capacity Increases the inventory weight limit. 5 +10% +50%
Nutrition Consumption Nutrition Consumption Decreases the amount of nutrition consumed over time. 5 -5% -25%
Nutrition Pool Nutrition Pool Increases the maximum amount of nutrition. 5 +10% +50%
Oxygen Consumption Oxygen Consumption Decreases the amount of oxygen consumed over time. 5 -5% -25%
Oxygen Pool Oxygen Pool Increases the maximum amount of oxygen. 5 +10% +50%