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MOM serpent mamba.png
Fast, Burrowing

Serpentes are robotic snake or worm-like automatons. Serpentes will melee attack you or use their special abilities from range, and will bury into the ground. There are three (3) Sepentes variants:

Cobra[edit | edit source]

The Serpentes' Cobra variant will perform a coiled strike, launching itself at high-velocity towards it's target.

  • Cobra Melee - Default melee attack.
  • Coil Strike - Cobra compresses itself to unleash a large amount of force, travelling toward its target at a high speed.

Mamba[edit | edit source]

The Serpentes' Mamba variant will launch an acid ball from range that blinds the target and causes bleeding.

  • Mamba Melee - Default melee attack.
  • Mamba Shot - Default ranged attack.
  • Optic Strike - Shoots a large acidic ball. Blinds players for 2 seconds and causes bleed damage when hit.

Viper[edit | edit source]

The Serpentes' Viper variant will fire an electric bolt from range that ignores armor, as well as mark a target to increase all other enemy threat against them.

  • Viper Melee - Default melle attack.
  • Viper Shot - Default ranged attack.
  • Electric Fang - Fires a highly-charged bolt at its target, ignoring armor. Deals damage to player as if they were naked.
  • Hemotoxic Tracking - When active, player's threat level will increase for X seconds. All currently engaged enemies will switch to Tracked target if engaged with another target of lower priority. If player with tracking leaves mob leash range, they will switch back to their original targets, or de-spawn/reset if no targets are available.

Gallery[edit | edit source]