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These are the Materials in Memories of Mars.

FLOPS[edit | edit source]

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"In computing, floating point operations per second (FLOPSflops or flop/s) is a measure of computer performance, useful in fields of scientific computations that require floating-point calculations." -

FLOPS is the common currency used in Memories of Mars and is found everywhere. From looting Enemies to finding them in crates, you can also get FLOPS by using the survey tracker or participating in a FLOP Event. FLOPs are used in crafting, unlocking skill points, and maintaining your base.

Minerals/Metals[edit | edit source]

Nitrate[edit | edit source]

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Nitrate can be found mining rocks as well as being commonly found on the ground. Mainly used to craft many types of ammunition and therefore will require a lot of nitrate, this is also a critical component to make Smokeless Powder.

With the inclusion of an Alage Farm, Biomass can now be crafted in these farms with the use of Nitrate.

Silicon[edit | edit source]

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Silicon is salvaged from Solar Panels & a certain Serpentes called Viper, this can be harvested with a Cutting Torch tool.

Iron Ore[edit | edit source]

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This commonly used material is found on the ground by its reddish-dark colored stones or nodes found around the map. This can be processed into Iron by refining the Iron Ore in the Mobile 3D Printer or process them in the Blast Furnace or Industrial Furnace to get more efficient yields.

Magnesium Ore[edit | edit source]

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Magnesium Ore can be refined into Magnesium in the Blast Furnace and Industrial Furnace. Essential material for advanced crafts of structures, armor, weapons & items.

Magnesium Ore is widely found on the Eastern area of the map. These ore can be harvested with the use of an Excavator, however a Mk.2 Excavator produces better yields than the Mk.1 Excavator.

Titanium Ore[edit | edit source]

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Titanium Ore is found normally from falling meteorites or a specific location hidden around the red planet, this requires an industrial Furnace to smelt. It takes 5 Titanium ore to process into 1 Titanium. If you do not have a Pulse Excavator Mk.2, It is better to mine from falling meteorites, as they give higher yield even if you have the Mk.1 Excavator.

Iron[edit | edit source]

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Iron Ingot Comes from Iron Ore. Iron is the most basic resource in the game and requires much of it because it is essentially used a lot in crafting items.

Magnesium[edit | edit source]

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Requires 3 Magnesium Ore to make 1 Ingot, can be found in the dry river bed, (Requires a Blast Furnace or better)

Aluminum[edit | edit source]

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Aluminium is obtained by using the Pulse Excavator/Cutting Torch on enemies and looting containers, also by putting scrap metal into the Scrap Grinder.

Copper[edit | edit source]

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Copper can be obtained by looting from containers or using the Pulse Excavator/Cutting Tool on Monitors, Terminals and Enemies within the colonies.

High-Carbon Steel[edit | edit source]

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To create 1 High-Carbon Steel, it requires 1 Carbon Fiber and 4 Iron in the Industrial Furnace.

Elektron[edit | edit source]

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To make 1 Elektron, this requires 2 Magnesium and 3 Aluminium in the Industrial Furnace.

Scrap Metal[edit | edit source]

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Scrape Metal is found by using Cutting Torch Mk.1 on any enemy corpses. Using a Pulse Excavator Mk.1 yields lesser efficiency.

These materials can be refined in the Scrap Grinder that can be reformed into usable material like Aluminum. It takes 5 Scrap Metal to make 1 Aluminum.

Organics[edit | edit source]

Plant Parts[edit | edit source]

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These can be found in the Bio-domes areas on the map, They look like tomato stalks found in the gardens. Use to make organic food or ground down in the Scrap Grinder into Biomass.

Biomass[edit | edit source]

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Biomass is looted in any of the containers through out Mars. Drinks, Packed Food and Plant Parts can be processed in Scrap Grinders to turn into Biomass.

Biomass is used to craft Food and Medical Supplies mainly.

Compounds[edit | edit source]

Acid[edit | edit source]

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Acid is obtained from looting containers in medium/large towns and also dismantling the Toxic Scuttlers and Serpentes.

Explosive Residue[edit | edit source]

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Explosive Residue is found by using the Pulse Excavator Mk.1 (has lesser effect in getting materials) which Cutting Torch Mk.1 is preferred on enemies that have explosive abilities such as the Martyr Scuttler and Devil's Flower Mantis. This material can be taken to a Demolitions Workshop to be refined into Explosive Compound. You will need 5 Explosive Residue and 50 FLOPs to Create 1 Explosive Compound at a Demolitions Workshop.

Prior to Patch 3, new enemies such as the Riot Mantis and Aerial Drone yields Explosive Residue and a small chance of Explosive Compound when harvested.

Smokeless Powder[edit | edit source]

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Used in making advanced bullets, the Smokeless Powder can be crafted in a Laboratory. This takes 4 Nitrate and 2 Biomass for 1 Smokeless Powder.

Explosive Compound[edit | edit source]

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Explosive Compound is a critical explosive material that is made from Explosive Residue which is required to be refined from the Demolition workshop. This takes 5 Explosive Residue and 50 FLOPs to create 1 Explosive Compound while crafting in the Demolitions Workshop.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Carbon Fiber[edit | edit source]

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Carbon Fiber is found by dismantling Carbon Pipes using the Pulse Excavator Mk.1, also found in Loot containers in Large areas. Using Cutting Torch Mk.1 to harvest better results.


Silicon Panels[edit | edit source]

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You can get Silicon by using the Pulse Excavator Mk.1 on Solar Panels. Can also be obtained by dismantling certain Serpentes. Using the Cutting Torch Mk.1 to harvest better results. There are several locations that has these Solar Panels.