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MOM mantis devils flower.png
Fast, Cloaking

Mantis are robotic quadruped automatons, slightly larger than the Scuttlers. Mantis will melee attack you or use their special abilities from range. They generally are found one at a time. There are three (3) Mantis variants:

Devil's Flower[edit | edit source]

The Mantis' Devil's Flower variant will launch a three-round barrage of explosive ordinance from range.

  • Devil's Shot - Default ranged attack.
  • Devil's Strike - Default melee attack.
  • Explosive Barrage - Fires 3 rounds of explosive ordinance at its target.

Ghost[edit | edit source]

The Mantis' Ghost variant utilizes cloaking and smoke to disorient and sneak up on its targets.

  • Ghost Melee - Default melee attack.
  • Phase Assault - The first melee attack out of phase shift (cloak) has increased damage by X%.
  • Pop Smoke - releases a smoke screen around its immediate area to help cover its movements whilst closing in on its target.

Sapper[edit | edit source]

The Mantis' Sapper variant will place a mine field comprised of proximity mines, which will bury into the ground. (NOT IN GAME YET)

  • Sapper Shot - Default ranged attack.
  • Sapper Strike - Default melee attack.
  • Mine Field - Places a maximum of 4 proximity mines around the area it patrols. There can be no more than 4 mines placed per mantis at any one time. Proximity mines burrow into the ground and can be seen via a red light shining on the surface. When activated, will burst out of the ground and home in towards the target that triggered the mine, exploding on the first thing that provides physical impact. These mines can be shot at during transit to target, causing the mine to detonate.

Gallery[edit | edit source]