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This page will serve as a basic How to play guide for Memories of Mars. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Like any other survival games; you gather resources, craft weapons & structures to fight against the rogue AI that roams the surface of Mars.

You will meet other awakened clones along the way, either you will befriend them into an alliance to improve your odds of survival or fight them off to scavenge their resources off their corpses.

Controls[edit | edit source]

While playing in First-Person mode( there is no 3rd-Person Mode), standard controls are:

Command Keybinding
Movement Control W,A,S,D
Primary Fire Left-Click
Scope/Zoom Sight Hold Right-Click
Sprint Hold Shift while moving
Jump Spacebar
Melee E
Tactical Light (attached to Pistol) E
Crouch C
Interact/Collect F
Inventory I
Build Menu B
Survival Tree/Tech Tree U
Map M
Global Chat Press Enter & type /g

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

Know your Heads Up Display[edit | edit source]

HUD interface

The four primary icons to look out for on your screen are:

O2 - Oxygen Level, replenished by interacting with an Oxygen Outlet or consume Oxygen Tanks.

kcal - Kilocalories aka Food Levels, consume Rations, Dried Food or Drinks to increase your food levels.

lbs - The weight you can carry in your Inventory. When it turns red, you will walk slower than normal.

HP (shown as a Heart Icon) - Your life capacity. Healed by using items like First Aid Sprays, Adrenaline Shots or Medi Kit Packs.
Note: There will be situations you will get a Bleed effect which is indicated by a Red Blood Icon. This can be only healed by using a First Aid Spray.
Note: Excessive use of punching or falling off cliffs can result in injuring limbs which hampers use of holding tools/weapons or even jumping. Heal yourself fully to regain use of limbs.

Healing Diminishing Returns (shown as a Pulse Icon below the Heart Icon) - Whenever you use a medical item, the bar fills to a certain degree based on the healing the item does. The more filled the bar is, the lesser effect the healing gets from future healing items. It will decrease over time.

Stamina (shown as a Sprinting Man Icon) - Currently disabled until Season 2.

Starting[edit | edit source]

When you start off in the Cloning Facility, you should look around and pickup the essential items around the room that glows in a blue hue (Ration, Oxygen Tank, Flashlight, Pistol SA-6 Wraith with no bullets).

After getting these items, you need to obtain the helmet that is placed nearby the main door to activate your HUD & you will exit the facility. From there, you can choose 3 spawn points which is at the West, North, East to begin your journey on Mars.

What you should do[edit | edit source]

- Gather metal ores on the floor by hand such as Iron Ore and Nitrate.
- Use the 3D Mobile Printer in your inventory and deploy it on the ground to refine the [Iron Ore] into [Iron].
- Other materials like Copper, Aluminum, Magnesium can be found in crates/cabinets through out Mars. Sometimes additional weapons, armor, food, schematics and FLOPS can also be found inside them.
- Always craft ammo with the gathered Iron and Nitrate, this is for killing the AI mobs to gather FLOPs off their corpses.
- Spend FLOPs on basic tools such as the Pulse Excavator Mk.1 for mining and Welding Torch Mk.1 for constructing structures.
- Invest FLOPs into foundation, walls, doorway, door, ceiling, storage container. A Cloning Chamber acts as a respawn point upon death.
- To secure your structure from other players, a Maintenance Terminal should be built to prevent them from getting access.
- After a 3 day grace period, the Maintenance Terminal will need Upkeep in the form of FLOPs payment. The FLOP cost varies on the amount of structures built (foundation, wall, door, crafting station etc).
- Ideally a 1x2 or 2x2 structure should be easy to construct and start out.
- To gather advanced material like Carbon Fiber, Acid, Explosive Residue; getting the Cutting Torch Mk.1 is recommended.
- Always check your Maintenance Terminal for the protected duration and top if off with FLOPs.
- By spending FLOPS, you gain Survival Points to purchase additional perks to increase your survival. 10 FLOPS is to 1 Survival Point

(credit: pr0xity via Official Memories of Mars Discord, edited by Kenichan)

Combat Tips[edit | edit source]

- Listen to the sound of the mobs that are walking around. This help to determine the type of opponent you may face within vicinity.
- Often have more ammunition than you think you could handle, you never know how 600+ pistol ammo might get you out of a tight situation.
- Weapons are not repairable. So be careful with the weapon durability during combat (blue to red). A spare weapon will be helpful to have as a spare.
- Attachments can improve your use of weapon in terms of ammo capacity or accuracy improvements. Some rifles & shotgun are able to attach Bayonet. You can break windows with the Melee attack but decreases the weapon durability.
- Various enemies has specific strategies to deal with. Scuttlers (spider-looking robots) tends to hop around but they like to latch onto rocks/walls to be still for a moment. Mantis (4-legged robots) are often cloaked and will appear itself if exposed by shooting at its shimmer or attacking you. Serpentes (worm-like robots) will only expose itself out of the ground once aggravated and will pop out of the ground for a brief moment.

Video guides[edit | edit source]

Coming soon!

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