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Deuterium Extractor
T ICO PMD Harvesting Deuterium.png
Harvesting station
Crafting Ingredients

Hit Points
5000 hp
Unlock Cost
1280 FLOPs
Deuterium extractor installed on 4 foundations and on snow.

The Deuterium Extractor is a harvesting device capable of extracting Deuterium from frozen terrain.


You need to learn the Deuterium Extractor skill in your Skilltree (Mechanical Engineering) for 1280 FLOPs.

And you must install it in a base and only on snow in PvP area Memoriae Labyrinthus. Requires 4 foundations and the height of 3 walls.


You need to drag 1 Synthetic Fuel in the Extractor in order to extract 5 Deuterium :

Refined Item Resource needed Duration Refining process
5 Deuterium

5 minutes