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Cutting Torch

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The Cutting Torch Mk.1 is a salvaging tool in Memories of Mars.

It allows you to extract more resources from the carcasses of robots you have killed or found laying on the ground, as well as allowing you to extract copper from computer terminals, holographic displays and cracked but functioning display screens.

You will typically find terminals and holographic displays inside of buildings, cracked but functioning display screens can be found both indoors and outdoors and on some occasions you will encounter large terminal displays which you can use the cutting torch on. Not all displays can be harvested for copper, the countdown timer display cannot be harvested along with some other large screen displays.

Using the cutting torch will ensure you get the absolute most out of the robot carcasses compared to other tools which return significantly less resources.

Item Resources Crafted in
Cutting Torch Mk.1
Cutting Torch Mk.1
12 T ICO Resource iron ingot.png Iron

3D Printer