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These are the Crafting in Memories of Mars.

Crafting Stations


These machinery craft most of the majority of the tools, armor and weapons required to improve your chances to survive on Mars. There are 3 kinds of Printers known:

- Mobile 3D Printer

- 3D Printer

- 3D Injector Printer

Mobile 3D Printer

Mobile 3D Printer

The basic printer offers a variety of basic functions from refining iron ore into iron ingots, craft Tier 1 tools & armor, standard ammunition for the handgun & assault rifle, rations and medical supplies (provided you have learnt the required tech). The mobile printer can be easily deployed in front of you and be picked back up after use.

Every time the player dies & is revived back in the Cloning Chamber, a new mobile printer is reissued into your inventory.


- Extra printers can be salvaged into 2 Iron per each printer when placed in the scrap grinder.

- To make Iron, you are require to stand still while refining the iron ore.

Wall 3D printer

Mobile 3D Printer
An advanced version of the mobile 3D printer. This wall mounted printer takes 1x wall size to be placed & offers access to craft higher tier tools & armor, sight scopes & ammunition clips, food rations & medical supplies, bullets for the handgun, assault rifle, shotgun & sniper rifle (standard & FMJ variant are available).

3D Injection Printer

Coming Soon
This printer crafts the highest tier of equipment & tools known on the tech tree. This structure takes 4x foundation or tiles. Height is 1 wall section


Coming Soon
The Laboratory facilitates the making of chemical compounding such as Smokeless Powder which is a main component for standard/advanced bullets for certain weapons, various types of explosives such as the Frag & HESH Grenades, Smoke Bombs, Demolition Charge.

You are also able to craft Field Rations, First Aid Spray, Medikits, Adrenaline Shot.

Note: To get Explosive Compound for explosives, it requires 5x Explosive Residue, salvaged from explosive robots (ie Grenade Mantis, Explosive Scuttler) & pay 50 FLOPS per compound at the Demolition Workshop located in specific NPC bases.

This structure requires 2 adjacent wall sections to build


Blast Furnace

Coming Soon
Basic ore can be refined in the Blast Furnace into ingots. This structure takes 2 vertical walls to be placed. You can allow automatic smelting by dragging ore into the Input window of the furnace and the processed ingots will be in its Output window.


- Iron takes 2 Iron ore to be refined into 1 Iron Ingot,whereas the Mobile 3D Printer takes 3 ore to refine.

- Magnesium takes 3 magnesium ore to be refined into 1 Magnesium Ingot.

Industrial Furnace

Coming Soon
Advanced ore such as titanium can be crafted in this large furnace. This structure takes 4x foundations and 3x walls high for its construction. Advanced material such as elektron & high-carbon steel can be refined using required materials to craft these.

Scrap Grinder

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This structure breaks down unused equipment & armor into its base materials before craft. It also allows Plant Parts to be processed into Bio Matter.

Scrap Metal salvaged off robots can be refined into usable metal such as Iron, Copper, Aluminium or Magnesium.