Chemical Processor

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Chemical Processor
T ICO PMD Refining Processor.png
Refining station
Crafting Ingredients

Hit Points
1000 hp
Unlock Cost
160 FLOPs
Chemical Processor installed on a wall.

The Chemical Processor is a refining station in Memories of Mars capable of blending and purifying chemical ingredients.

You can install it in your base.

Installing[edit | edit source]

You need to learn the Chemical Processor skill in your Skilltree (Mechanical Engineering) for 160 FLOPs.

You can then install it on 1 Wall.

Use[edit | edit source]

You need to drag the right resources in the Processor in order to craft the right product :

Item Resources Duration Refining process
Smokeless Powder
Smokeless Powder

15 seconds Chemical-processor-refining-smokeless-powder.jpg
Synthetic Fuel

30 seconds Chemical-processor-refining-synthetic-fuel.jpg
Explosive Compound
Explosive Compound

1 minute Chemical-processor-refining-explosive-compound.jpg