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Administration Terminal

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Administration Terminal (level 6)
Administration Terminal manager (level 5)

Administration Terminal is a device in Memories of Mars.

Protects connected building parts from being dismantled. Allows unlocking upgrades of building capabilities and managing ownership permissions. Requires 1 wall.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Details by upgrade level :

Level Upgrade Cost Protection Timer Max Building Parts Max Building Radius
1 0 2 days 25 50
2 100 4 days 50 75
3 500 8 days 100 100
4 2 500 12 days 250 150
5 10 000 16 days 500 200
6 50 000 24 days 1000 250

Features[edit | edit source]

Protection timer[edit | edit source]


When timer is active, your base is protected, meaning no one, outside your clan, can open doors/devices or dismantle it.

If the timer goes to zero, your base becomes "Unprotected" and anyone can enter it, loot it and dismantle it.

To reset/refresh the timer to max, you just need to interact with a door or a device. Any clan mate can refresh the timer.


In PvP, the Administration Terminal protection does not protect against explosives.

You can/must build as many Administration Terminals as you need in your base. If an enemy destroys all your admin terminals, your base will be unprotected, looted and dismantled.

Maximum building parts[edit | edit source]

In order to limit server overload, there is a part limit for each base. A part is any connected structure (foundation, wall, door, shutter, pillar, stair, device, etc). 3D Mobile Printers and Mobile Storage Boxes are not connected and don't count as a part.

If you have several bases, each base have its own limit.

Maximum building radius[edit | edit source]

The radius is the max length/width/height of your base.

When you reach the limit, you will have the message "You cannot build here - Too far from center!" And moving the admin terminal will not change the center position.

Note that this limit is only a problem after level 4, because at lower levels the part limit is lower than the radius limit.

Ownership[edit | edit source]

The player placing the first Administration Terminal becomes the owner of the base.

Since release v1.0, you can't transfer ownership to another player.

Permissions[edit | edit source]

By default, all permissions are set to "Alliance".

Adding/Dismantling Building Parts

  • Alliance
  • Owner

Accessing Devices

  • Alliance
  • Owner
  • Everyone

Note that even on "Everyone" you can set secure devices and alliance ranks to prevent some players to open these.

Painting Building Parts

  • Alliance
  • Owner
  • Everyone

Standard Customization[edit | edit source]

In the Customization part, you can set colors for your entire base (only structures, not devices). This will save you a lot of time.

If you paint some parts with your Airbrush, they will not be affected by the global customization of the Administration Terminal.